Sara Makdessi

Samadhi-trained Vinyasa yoga teacher
vinyasa yoga teacher Sara Makdessi

In 2010 I discovered yoga for the first time and soon after I knew that yoga will always be a part of my life. My main passion is Vinyasa - moving with the rhythm of the breath – together with Iyengar yoga - focusing on the alignment and technique.

As much as I enjoy shifting my body with my breath, I love dissecting a yoga pose to understand the alignment and how the muscles behave. Even when I’m off the mat, I am painting yoga! This brought me to collaborate with Samadhi’s Greg Walsh and illustrate informative asana figures for their Yoga TT. After that I designed Yoga Train a sequencing deck with simple drawings of yoga poses and their literal meaning, to create your yoga sequence at home. Yoga, just like art, is a universal language. It’s mind blowing how wherever we are in the world, we can connect through yoga.

The yoga studio is like a little familiar place, it is a wonderful space where we can share a moment with strangers that can become as close to us as our family.