Rohan Hennessy

Vinyasa yoga teacher and long term yoga practitioner
Vinyasa yoga teacher Rohan Hennessy

Rohan Hennessy was introduced to Yoga at the tender age of fourteen. Over the years his interest deepened, leading him to detailed exploration of several forms of Yoga.His early studies began in the general Hatha tradition and then progressed to in-depth studies of the challenging Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga styles.

Initially completing his teacher training in the Iyengar tradition, he began teaching in 2000. Since then however, he has been drawn more and more to practicing and teaching Vinyasa Yoga, balancing the importance of alignment and technique with the fun dynamics of flowing transitions and movement. His classes are strong yet slow, challenging yet calming, offering a serious level of Yoga which shouldn't be taken too seriously : ) He often adapts the asana to suit the body instead of forcing the body to suit the asana. Instead of struggling to make the perfect shape, he favours developing correct form and technique whilst progressing deeper into each pose at your own pace. Developing body awareness, figuring out your natural rate of work, understanding not only the how but also the why of Yoga. All of this is integral to his style of teaching.

Along with his regular classes in Samadhi he has been teaching on our teacher training course since it began, sharing his understanding, experience and enthusiasm with a new generation of yogis.

Rohan has come to believe stongly in the power of Yoga through the development of his own personal practice and in seeing the resulting positive effects in himself, aswell as his students. This belief is evident in his teaching and along with his many years of experience is what makes Rohan one of the more popular and respected teachers in Dublin today.