Frequently Asked questions

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a series of physical postures, breathing techniques and mental exercises, which tone the body, relax the mind, and refresh the spirit.

What to wear to class?

Bare feet and comfortable clothing that will stretch as you stretch. Expect to become very warm, and cool down during relaxation.

What to bring to class?

A sticky yoga mat, an empty stomach, and an open mind!

What does Samadhi mean?

Samadhi means ecstasy. It is the final goal of yoga and spiritual practice, where the individual self merges with the absolute. The ancient yogic text Hatha Yoga Pradipika states: “The yogi in Samadhi is not devoured by time, is not bound by karma, is invulnerable to any weapon and unassailable by any person”.

Yoga Studio Etiquette:

We want to make Samadhi a real home from home for you; a place where you can come and feel an instant warm welcome. We have a strong sense of community in the studio and it is up to us all, teachers and students alike to keep the space beautiful and tidy for everyone. This is a practice of mindfulness, being aware and living consciously so that everyone can benefit positively from our actions and thoughtfulness towards each other.

On arrival in Samadhi:

  • Please arrive 10 mins before the start time of a class/workshop. Punctuality shows great respect to your teacher and fellow students.
  • Pay and register at the beginning of each class.
  • Please store clothes and shoes neatly in the reception. Never leave clothes on the seated area by the window. Bring valuables with you into yoga studio and put neatly on the shelves.
  • Personal hygiene is very important and make sure you always wear clean appropriate clothes that you can stretch in & that your mat is clean.
  • Turn off all phones before entering the yoga room.

Getting ready for class:

  • Inform your teacher of any injuries or illness so as they can best advise you how to manage that during class.
  • Minimise conversation. Be aware that other classes and massage may be going on in another room so lets keep the atmosphere quiet in the corridors and reception area.
  • When getting changed be mindful that other people will be waiting to use the changing room too.
  • Roll your mat out and relax quietly while you are waiting for class to begin.
  • Never walk over another students mat, its unhygienic and disrespectful of another person’s belongings & space.

During Class:

  • Feel free to ask the teacher any questions that you may have but keep them brief to stay within the flow of class.
  • Be respectful of other student’s space, and aware of the space that you are occupying on your mat and around, if you use towels or props keep them neatly at the back of your mat.

After Class:

  • Wipe down your mat with spray & towels provided, this is good to do with your own mat as well as one you may have hired.
  • Return props and blankets very neatly to the prop room.
  • If it’s the last class of the evening please understand that the teacher has probably had a long day and needs to lock up so please do not spend longer than necessary getting ready to leave.

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What level of yoga is appropriate for you?

Level 1
This is the level for beginners/improvers If you have never tried yoga before you will fit right in, or if you working on your basic postures. If you are coming back to yoga after a break this is also a good reintroduction. Or perhaps you just want to go a little easy on your mat.

Level 2
This is for yoga students who have a basic proficiency, and a knowledge of the basic asanas (postures), but want to challenge themselves a little more than in a level 1 class. Beginner level postures will not be explained, as we presume that attendees have a grounding. These classes build on the level 1 classes.

Level 3
This is for intermediate to advanced students. A rough guide would be students with at least 2 years of practice on their mat. This is a rough guide, as we all progress at different levels.

Level 4
Teachers and teacher trainees only class, held once a month. Non teachers are not allowed. These classes are very hard working but also a forum for teachers to discuss teaching.