Ewa Szczupak

Ashtanga Yoga teacher
Yoga teacher Ewa Szczupak
I came to my first yoga class over six years ago with a lot of hesitation, but very quickly began to notice the profound effect yoga had on me- I became more grounded, calmer and simply happier.
When I discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa style I was immediately drawn to the way it challenged me, initially enjoying the intense physical side of it most. However as I committed to a daily practice, I began to understand that Ashtanga is a deep breathing practice, a flowing meditation- as we focus on breath, bandhas and drishti, we can find strength, stillness and a true connection within. I consider myself a student of yoga first and feel privileged to share experience of yoga with my students. I am humbly grateful to all my teachers for their guidance, encouragement and inspiration I am given every time I step on my mat.