Ewa Rejman

Hatha Yoga Teacher
Ewa Rejman, Hatha yoga Teacher

A Yoga journey can be unexpected; mine certainly was. I wandered innocently in to my first class in 2006 in Krakow.

Whether it was a shock, or an inspirational moment in my life I have yet to decide – but I’m thinking the latter! I didn’t know my tailbone from my elbow, and relaxing in Savasana was equally as challenging as trying to keep the balance in standing poses. After my first class, on my way straight home to bed, although very tired, I felt my legs were stronger, my spine longer and my chest more open, my body light… really! I was hooked!

On reflection, I realised that I had always enjoyed stretching or being upside down. As a child I was fond of climbing, watching TV upside-down, and hanging off of things. However, as I got more into yoga, I realised that I wasn’t just coming back to stretch. Yoga was giving me a peace of mind, confidence, and became my personal refuge, although when it became challenging I often considered sneaking out the back door.

Throughout my yoga journey I practiced with many inspiring teachers. It allowed me to taste different styles of yoga: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram and Anusara. In each of them, I found something that I could apply to my own practice – alignment, strength, stillness, mindfulness and consistency. The highlight of my yoga journey so far has been Yoga Teacher Training at Samadhi in Temple Bar led by Greg Walsh and great teachers: Nikki Cousins and Cara Chotiner. The training allowed me to deepen my yoga knowledge and resulted in my qualification to teach Hatha Yoga. Just as the teacher training was an enriching experience, I find teaching both very rewarding and educational to me. My primary goal is to share with those I am privileged to teach, and I hope they get the same enjoyment that yoga practice and teaching gives me.