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Treat yourself to a rejeuvinating massage with our own expert therapist, Slava.
massage in Samadhi yoga drogheda

Samadhi becomes a spa when yoga classes are not happening, with Slava taking over the room to create a haven of relaxation for you.


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Please call Slava directly to book your appointment, or to ask questions about the therapies.


60 minute massage: €60

About Slava
massage in Samadhi yoga drogheda

In 2006 I decided to go on to study the Neuromuscular Physical Therapy under the leading Irish expert in the field John Sharkey. The insights into human anatomy and physiology, and dysfunction and pain patterns given to me by John have set me on the path of continuous learning ever since, which concluded in me receiving qualifications in a variety of health-related fields including Sports Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Personal Training, Pilates and Nutrition. Becoming a Massage practitioner has changed my life fundamentally , I’ve met and worked with loads of interesting people from all walks of life and have developed very interesting and fulfilling friendships that guided and ‘moulded’ me into who I am today.

Qualifications: Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy, Neuromuscular Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Sports Massage, Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage. Specialising in Back Pain and stiffness, Variety spinal conditions, Neck And Shoulder pain, Physical Therapy, yoga and Pilates.


  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
    NMT is a very effective, gentle and safe therapy targeting primarily the Myofascial Trigger Points (a.k.a.) Pain points, tender spots, etc.) and bodies myokinetic imbalances. The Trigger Points are 'famous' for referring pain and/or changes in sensations to distant sites of the body. The body's myokinetic imbalances (e.g. bad posture), - are the primary cause for the Trigger Points formation. NMT was specifically designed to deal with both by some famous Osteopaths. Can also be very effective in post injury rehabilitation. Applicable to all parts of the body, treats all common problems/injuries with various degree of effectiveness, AND usually is very effective.
  • Orthopaedic Sports Massage
    Orthopaedic Sports Massage (a.k.a. Sports Massage) - invigorating set of techniques dealing with all sorts of pains/tightness/strains/sprains whether associated with injuries or bad habits (eg. incorrect posture sitting at the desk at work), may be 'uncomfortable' at times, but very often brings about immediate relief. I usually use several NMT techniques in each Sports Massage session as well to make the positive effects go longer. Important notice: Sports Massage is actually for the general population, as professional sports people use a lot more than that to maintain their form!
  • Holistic Massage
    Holistic Massage (in a 'nutshell' is a new improved version of Swedish massage) - aimed primarily on maintaining body in an optimal condition and improves vitality: blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, toxin removal, stress relief, etc. Isn't about dealing with any particular type of injury or site of the body, but more about the 'whole body' approach meaning both person's 'physical' and 'emotional' bodies - their nourishment and strengthening against the everyday stresses, emotional and physical. Very good for immune system strengthening or for speeding up the recovery after most illnesses. I include few Aromatherapy and Reflexology approaches in most of my Holistic treatments as they're complimentary to each other and make the effects last longer.