Sivananda Yoga Workshop
With Astrid Sasse

The perfect Workshop for a Sunday morning, feel free to drop in!
Sivananda yoga workshop in Drogheda with Astrid Sasse
Our Sivananda Yoga teacher Astrid Sasse (Arati) will teach a Yoga Workshop each month on a Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon in our beautiful Drogheda Studio.
The Yoga Workshops combine many aspects of Raja Yoga:
  • Chanting - to tune you in and open your heart
  • Pranayama - to clean the energy channels (nadis) in the body and clear the mind
  • Surya Namaskar - sun salutations to warm up the body and get the energy flowing
  • Asanas - a selection of yoga postures to work on flexibility, strength and balance
  • Savasana - deep relaxation in between postures and at the end allowing the body to gather all the benefits of Yoga
  • Meditation - guided meditation to access your inner peaceful being

In these 2-hour Workshops you will be exploring meditative aspects in your yoga practice. You will reconnect your body and mind on a deeper level. The mind will reach a meditative state during the practice and you will be eased into a deep guided meditation.

The workshop will include a different guided meditation in each workshop. After this workshop you will feel rejuvenated and energised but also peaceful, as you have experienced this wonderful calm spot of stillness deep within yourself.
The perfect Workshop for a Sunday morning – no booking required - just set the alarm, grab your mat and drop in!

Meditation Schedule (last 20 mins of each Workshop):

  • 8th Sept:
  • 13th Oct:
  • 10th Nov:
  • 1st Dec:
  • >


Astrid Sasse

Sivavanda yoga in Drogheda with Astrid Sasse

In 2007, I attended a retreat with Eckhart Tolle (author of ‘A New Earth’ and ‘The Power of Now’) in Denmark and it was there that I participated in my first yoga classes. The classes were led by Eckhart’s partner, Kim Eng, who teaches Yin Yoga, which is a gentle approach involving deep tissue stretching. When I returned home, I started going to weekly yoga classes in the viniyoga style and soon developed my own personal daily practice. I attended Introductory and Foundation Workshops by the British aYs (Association for Yoga Studies) in the following year. What I liked most about practicing Yoga was the peacefulness that your whole being is filled with - this is what really captured me.

In 2008, I attended a weeklong meditation retreat and for the following two years I did not practice yoga asanas (postures) but developed a regular meditation practice, which allowed me to explore the peace and stillness within at a deeper level. The regular meditation practice has stayed with me since then. But somehow, I was still drawn to yoga asanas – I felt I just had not found the style that suited me best. In summer 2010, I went on a weeklong ‘Yoga, pranayama & meditation retreat’ at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Center with the incredible David Muehsam. He encouraged me to take classes in the Iyengar style – as according to him, this style of yoga would suit my analytical mind and body type most. At first, I only practiced at home what he had taught us at the retreat. Very quickly however, my flexibility improved and I felt I needed the advice of an experienced teacher to guide me safely into more advanced postures. Since then, I attend weekly Iyengar classes in the Drogheda Samadhi Studio with the amazing Greg Walsh. My practice deepened over the next year, yoga had given me so many benefits already, mentally and physically and I still wanted to understand better the different aspects of yoga.

Early in 2011, I spent 2 weeks at a Sivananda Ashram, participating happily in Ashram life, learning more and more about a yogic life. I completed a very intense, month long Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp, in Val Morin, Canada in summer 2011 and am now a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). Since the TTC, yoga has become even more present and as it has manifested itself in many ways in my life. I hope to share with my students what I have learnt about the benefits of yoga on a physical, mental and spiritual level over the past years since attending my very first lesson.