Samadhi is an RYS 300 registered school
A 10 month, Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher training course.
We are committed in Samadhi studios to only bringing the best in yoga to Dublin. If you have a love for yoga, are a dedicated student, and want to go deeper into the practice, you will be in safe hands with us. Samadhi is a Yoga Alliance registered RYS200 school.
Samadhi is Yoga Alliance accredited yoga training school
Samadhi Yoga Studios
The home of good yoga in Dublin for over 13 years.

Read what our past pupils have said:

"What a year! It was all I thought it was going to be and much more. The classes, the teachers, the fellow learners, the meltdowns, the frantic lunches and the light bulb moments, I loved the course, the intensity of it was challenging at times but thats what I loved about it too, it was such a focus for the year, it was eat, sleep and breath yoga and even though I am still practicing and teaching (pinching myself!) I didn't think I would say it but I miss it now!"

"What a fantastic 10 months these have been, we've been nurtured, guided and given the kick up the assana that we need at times and we have ourselves and each other to thank for it." "

I wanna say thanks to the amazing teachers and my wonderful fellow trainees for a beautiful time together. Samadhi became my second home during the last 10 month and it will always be a special place to me. Every single one of you will keep a little space in my heart and when I practise on my mat it will always be with the memory of my yoga family and how it all began for me! In samadhi, with the most amazing people you can imagine, with everyone supporting each other and bringing out the best in each other. I feel very blessed and lucky to have chosen to do the teacher training in samadhi and to have met you guys! My appreciation for you guys is beyond words, what an overwhelming feeling of happiness to be part of such a wonderful group of people!"

Samadhi is an RYS 300 registered school

300 Hour Advanced Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training
Samadhi is a Yoga Alliance registered RYS300 school.
Watch this space for details of Samadhi advanced teacher training.