Yoga For Runners
With Liz Costigan Fleury

31st August
Suitable for all level of runner and yogi
Yoga for runners, a vinyasa yoga workshop with Liz Costigan Fleury
We will work on creating flexibility in the entire body with a special focus on those ​tight spots - ​hips, ​hamstrings, glutes​ & shoulders, not forgetting core strength and stability work! Our workshop will finish with a gorgeous guided meditation.

Give those runners legs some yoga love!

Benefits of Yoga for Runners:

  • Quicker recovery
  • Less pain
  • Improved mobility
  • Fewer injuries
  • Better breath control
  • Increased endurance
  • More body awareness

Whatever your running or yoga experience is you are welcome to stretch it out and bring awareness to those tight spots.
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Liz Costigan Fleury

Vinyasa yoga teacher Liz Costigan Fleury
I did my first yoga class in college in 2001. I would love to say I was hooked from the get go but in truth it was a long process for me.

I dabbled with yoga for about 10 years, always enjoying the practice but never truly committing – it wasn’t my time. When I discovered Samadhi and the wonderful Bev Porrino I began to practice more and more. Through the encouragement of Bev and my family and friends I did my Classical Teacher Training last year and am so glad I did. It has changed and enriched my life incredibly. I am a Fitness Trainer, so a lot of what I do is high intensity, Yoga is a beautiful balance between challenging and calm. Yoga for me is about acceptance, it is the connection with the body, mind and spirit that I feel ignites something in me. When I practice I feel grounded, strong and calm.

I will be forever grateful to all of the wonderful teachers I have practised under, especially Rohan, Elena and Greg.