Level 4: Adjustments
With Rohan Hennessy

A teachers and trainee teachers class in Samadhi
a teachers and trainee teachers class in Samadhi
In this specialised workshop Rohan will focus on adjustments and how to assist students in class. Attendees must be either certified teachers or teacher trainees 6 months into their training. Time will be allocated for questions and discussion.
From complete beginners to experienced yogis, adjustments play a major role in developing a safe and beneficial yoga practice. In this workshop we will be looking at the why (and why not), when & how of adjusting classical yoga asanas. We will demonstrate, discuss and work with eachother hands on to improve our knowledge and understanding, aiming to help our students (and ourselves) find the perfect point in each asana.

From correcting alignment and improving technique to helping a student develop better awareness of body and breath. A good yoga teacher knows when to help a student go deeper into an asana and when to pull them back a little... When to use a steadying hand and when to let go... How much pressure is enough and where it should be applied... and when is a verbal adjustment more effective than a physical one...
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