Kasandra Ziolkowska

Yoga teacher
yoga teacher Kasandra Ziolkowska

Kasandra began practicing Yoga almost 14 years ago and it soon became an indispensable part of her day.

Noticing the change Yoga brought in her and the way it helped her alleviate different ailments made her want to share it with others. As a result, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training at The Elbowroom, in 2011, under the guidance of Lisa Wilkinson, Tanya Fitzpatrick and Marianne Jacuzzi.

Through her own practice and the limitations and changes she discovered in her body, Kasandra became particularly sensitive to the personal aspect of Yoga practice. As she strongly believes Yoga is for everyone no matter the age, health conditions or abilities, she addresses her classes to the individual needs of her students always emphasizing the importance of personal experience and gaining self-awareness. She is also very specific about proper alignment as a means to experience a safe and wholesome practice.

To deepen her knowledge of the human body and further develop her skills in working with students with special conditions or limitations, Kasandra has completed post graduate Yoga Therapy Course with Yoga Therapy Ireland as well as a certified Somatics Exercise Coach training with Tanya Fitzpatrick from Align Somatics. As a result, most of her classes are short Yoga therapy sessions in themselves, led at a different pace, either slow self-exploration Hatha/Hatha flow or more demanding Vinyasa flow, and adjusted to different levels of experience.