Emer Duffy

Vinyasa yoga teacher

I originally came to yoga practice many years ago to alleviate stiffness and tension in my body and I immediately knew, from my first class, that it was the start of a lifelong journey with an incredible discipline that has had an indescribable and incredibly profound effect on mind, body and spirit. I fell in love with the graceful flow and movement of the practice and began to experience a general feeling of stillness and calm in my life.

I teach vinyasa flow, where each asana is guided by the ujjayi breath - this is the alchemy of yoga; the mind and body connection. Yoga has been one of the main constants in my life because the physical practice has such an intense connection to real life and the journey continues on and off the mat. I learn so much from my own practice but I learn the most from my students who are my greatest teachers. Each practice is an opportunity to go deeper within, to explore, to understand and to transform.

“When the truth is known ignorance cannot be, when the mind is pure there is no disease, when the breath is mastered there is no death, therefore, surrender to Yoga.” - Krishnamacharya