Easter Restorative Yoga & Healing Mantras
With Cara Chotiner

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Easter yoga with Cara Chotiner
In this class we will be holding postures for a longer more reflective period of time to relax deeper into ourselves and activate the balanced flow of Prana (vital energy) throughout our subtle channels. Emphasis will be given on slow, steady & flowing practice to relieve tension and revitalise our system.
This kind of practice facilitates the body's natural ability to heal itself for us to feel physically invigorated, emotionally refreshed & mentally rejuvenated. Pranayamas & Mantra will open and close the session & deep relaxation at the end will channel the energy generated deeper into our system leaving us peaceful & energised


Sacred and healing sound vibration is one of the oldest practices within all cultures and traditions. Mantras are words of power carrying specific vibrations which resonate throughout our entire being. They heal the body, soothe the emotions, calm and clear the mind and help raise us to higher levels of consciousness. Healing mantras act as a gateway into deep meditation. In this session we will explore some basic mantra practices for emotional and physical healing. We will experience meditation as a practice of service, healing and personal illumination. Guided mantras and meditations can be done out loud in a group, softly or silently

So come along and lift your body and soul!

About Cara

Samadhi yoga teacher Cara Chotiner

Cara's original training was in the Sivananda tradition, which continues to be the main influence in her teaching style today. Additional styles include Vinyasa, Astanga, Iyengar, Satyananda, Ananda & Bikram. All of which have deepened her personal and teaching practices. She has studied pranayama within the Sivananda Yoga tradition and also with Phillip Xerri.

Cara has had the privilege to train with such respected teachers as David Swenson, Granville Cousins, Godfrey Devereux, Danny Paradise & various Iyengar teachers of all levels. She has been teaching yoga since 1997 and is one of the resident instructors for Samadhi Studios Teacher training. Incorporating a varied approach from many yoga schools, Cara brings a challenging yet very therapeutic sequence accessible to all levels in her classes. She is one of our regular Saturday morning teachers keeping it stretchy at the weekends!
"Atma Namaste to the Samadhi TT team for their unconditional yoga kinship and bringing me into the Samadhi family. Thank you for your fun, friendship & teaching! My practice of meditation and pranayama is from the guidance and instruction of my most beloved Sat Guru Maha Atma GMCKS. I will always be eternally grateful & inspired by his loving direction and dedicate my practice & teaching to his life’s work and priceless service to humanity.”

Union in Diversity – Oneness in All Things - Om Shanti!